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Wx Horizon is a road weather subscription service that delivers road weather forecasts enhanced by observations, radar, and alerts. 

The Wx Horizon Free Trial lets you experience all the features of Wx Horizon Pro, except for IoT sensors, which enhance forecasts with data collected from your own roads. You can purchase these sensors anytime before, during, or after your trial. 

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Designed for winter maintenance decision makers

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- 72-hour road forecasts for 5 custom locations on your road network. (Trouble spots, bridge decks, important intersections, etc.)

- The forecast condition of your road surface (snow, ice, frost, wet, grip, etc).

- How much snow and ice will build up on your road surface.

- Radar, Satellite, and 10-day atmospheric forecasts

- National Weather Service Hazard Warnings

- User-defined alerts and notifications through SMS or email.