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Winter maintenance made easy

with weather data from YOUR roads


Save just one call out, and Wx Horizon pays for itself.



Experience Wx Horizon for yourself. Numbers are limited, so sign up today and start your free trial next winter.


What kind of solution are you looking for?

''We get almost 50 inches of snow plus thawing every winter, and that creates hazardous driving conditions. Vaisala's insight and onboard tools let us target treatments faster and meet our levels of service.''

Larry Schneider
Director of Transportation Operations
City of Fort Collins, CO

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Expand your insights and get network-wide road weather information.

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Enhance your forecasts with high-quality IoT sensor measurements & alert notifications.


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No more guessing.

Get the definitive state of your road network. Wx Horizon Pro with Vaisala Cast™ sensing delivers high-quality data, giving you the ground truth to make decisions with confidence.

Reduce your environmental impact.

GroundCast, our state-of-the-art pavement surface monitoring device, delivers residual salt data, which means you use the optimal amount of treatment - no more, no less.

Easy, no maintenance installation.

Setting up the network is quick and easy with a wireless design and built-in cloud connectivity. No need to worry about power: Cast Sensors have minimum 3-year battery life.

Timing is everything. Relying on the best data makes planning easier as you know what to expect.

Plan your operations with confidence

Wx Horizon brings you pavement weather forecasts enhanced by integrated sensor measurements, radar, and alerts - all from one supplier. Get actionable pavement condition information at a price you can afford.

Atmospheric weather forecasts are useful. Targeted pavement forecasts are good. Ground truth observations are better.

Data-driven decision making.


Targeted pavement forecasts enhanced by ground truth observations and atmospheric forecasts are best.

Solutions for road maintenance agenciesSolutions for commercial snow and ice management


All the information you need, in one place.


Want to see what is being forecasted for your roads right now?

Book a demo of Wx Horizon to see pavement forecasts for your own road network.

Wx Horizon for cycleways and footpaths

We are looking for municipalities to experience Wx Horizon and provide feedback for our research initiative. 

Fill out our form, and you may be selected to receive one year of Wx Horizon road weather forecasts, powered by a network of up to 20 local road sensors. 

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Tiers and features

Find a plan that works for you and your business.

Lite Pro Premium

Top features

Road weather forecast range

12 hours

24-72 hours

24-72 hours

Road weather forecast

Pre-defined points

5 user-defined points


Vaisala Cast™ Sensors on your network1
Alert notifications by email, SMS and voice message
10-day weather forecast
Radar and satellite data
National weather hazards
Unlimited users for each organization

Additional features

Reference grade weather station observations (when available)
Mobile observation sensor data (when available)
24 hr/365 phone and email technical support

1 5 Vaisala Cast™ Sensors are included in the standard Pro and Premium packages. Add more as needed.

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Have Wx Horizon do the monitoring for you

Road weather changes constantly and it’s not easy to stay on top of the game all the time. Especially when things get serious.

Larry Schneider

Director, Transportation Operations

City of Fort Collins, CO

"We get almost 50 inches of snow plus thawing every winter, and that creates hazardous driving conditions. Vaisala's insight and onboard tools let us target treatments faster and meet our Levels of Service."

”We have found the Wx Horizon data to be invaluable in winter maintenance and after one season has shown significant cost savings in both overtime labor and materials."

Kelly Maurer

Director of Public Works

Cranberry Township, PA

Neil Robertson

Road Network Engineer

Shetland Islands, UK

"Before we put in GroundCast sensors, we had drivers getting up at 5 a.m. to check conditions in the most remote parts of the road network. Now, we can reduce the number of inspections needed - a quick glance of the parameters with a laptop is sometimes all we need to make the best road treatment decisions."

Wx Horizon is a road weather subscription service designed for winter maintenance professionals. It uses sensors to generate enhanced road weather forecasts for your roads. Now communities can easily and affordably access information that was previously only available to DoTs.

How Wx Horizon boosts your winter maintenance

  • Set alerts for the conditions you want to know about, and choose how far in advance you want to be notified.

  • Get notifications through SMS, email, and voice message.

See the future ->

Scenario 1: Surface temperature remains above freezing and precipitation during the morning hours does not turn into ice on the road. 

Scenario 2: Surface temperature drops below freezing and freezes the wet road momentarily before the morning sun heats the surface and melts off the ice.

  • Our sensor data from your roads improves forecast accuracy by up to 70%
  • Make the right decision even in marginal conditions.

Better data. Better forecasts.

The best way to enhance local forecasts is to get high-quality sensor data from your local roads. It is the only way to radically improve the forecast accuracy. We are obsessed with sensor accuracy because the forecasts will only be as good as the data you put into the models.

Vaisala Cast Sensors are the easiest way to get high-quality data from your local environment. They are based on the same measurement technologies that the top meteorological agencies are using in their reference networks.

TempCast sensor

  • Road surface temperature (optional)
  • Air temperature
  • Dew point temperature

GroundCast sensor

  • Road temperature from multiple depths
  • Residual salt amount
  • Road state: dry/ not dry

Know what's happening on your roads

Typical weather forecasts do not have accurate information about road conditions.

  • Use sensor data from you own roads to plan and prepare for the next turn out.
  • Get a 72-hour road weather forecast made specifically for your roads.

Winter maintenance made easy with weather data from YOUR roads

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"Instead of bringing in people at midnight or before .. we said, hey, let's do it — built our forecast and operations around that [WxHorizon] forecast, and we were able to save almost $10,000 in material and staff time in that one 12 hour shift..."

Zan McKinney

Operations Superintendent

Independence, Missouri

Winter is inevitable, how will you respond?

Hear how Independence, Missouri has transformed their winter maintenance practices, kept their community safe, and found thousands in cost savings.


Can You Dynamically Control Your Application Rates in Winter Maintenance?

Register here

Join our Fireside Chat Wed September 6, 10:00-10:45 AM CT

To provide the most consistent and efficient winter service for your community, the amount of material you apply should ideally be driven by current and future road conditions across your road network. So could the decision on how much material to use be dynamically controlled by utilizing targeted weather data?

  • The pros and current limitations of dynamic spreading
  • The key weather parameters needed to start this process
  • The current state of dynamic spread rate technology and systems
  • How you can begin to utilize these new technologies

In this Fireside Chat, we will cover:

Use Cases